Reduce Dust and Waste - Improve Worker Safety

ESE SPONGE for excellent eco-friendly dust free surface treatment which is safe and sustainable.
ESE SOLUTION was established in 2021. After years in the industry of Corrosion Control, ESE SOLUTION realised the need for minimizing environmental pollution and surface cleanliness during operations, maintaining blast efficiency and profile management, while ensuring operator safety while using Low Dust blasting abrasives.
ESE SOLUTION has a global customers covering Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Environment

  • Dust generation is reduced by 98%
  • Reduces waste by 94% by reusing abrasives
  • It provides an eco-friendly surface solution that drastically reduces air and soil pollution


High visibility during blasting improves worker safety
Low pressure rebound of abrasives helps avoid physical impact for the operator

Blast Quality

  • Sa 2.5 and Sa3 profile finishes are achieved with ease
  • Surface profiles from 0 - 125 microns is in our range
  • No secondary damage
  • Removes non-visible contamination on the substrate like salt and Chlorides etc
  • ESE SPONG MEDIA is discharged and applied by using a MEDIA FEED UNIT
    When the abrasive impacts on the substrate, it flattens onto the surface and abrasive is exposed. The abrasive impacts the surface to form the required profile. The Sponge will absorb the dust and contaminants.
    When the Sponge recoils from the surface, it expands to its original size, as air is sucked back into the sponge. In this process it absorbs all the dust particles. The dust absorbed in the Sponge is removed by a process of recycling the sponge which then returns to its reusable state.
  • ESE SPONGE is an advanced special abrasive that encapsulates the abrasive within the SPONGE.
  • ESE SPONGE achieves excellent surface preparation while providing eco-friendly, safe and efficient surface preparation.

ese solution

ESE SOLUTION considers environment and safety as the top priority in surface preparation and corrosion protection control.

ESE SOLUTION was established in 2021 with the purpose of minimizing environmental pollution of surface cleanliness operation and increasing operator safety and BLAST efficiency through the production and supply of low-dust BLAST abrasives.

What is
Sponge blast abrasive

  • ESE SPONGE is an advanced special abrasive that encapsulates the abrasive within the SPONGE.
  • ESE SPONGE can achieve excellent surface preparation results and provides eco-friendly, safe and efficient surface preparation.
  • ESE SPONGE reduces the amount of scattering dust, which is a problem in conventional blasting, by 98%, and reduces waste by 94% throughthe reuse of ESE SPONGE abrasives.
  • ESE SPONGE enables surface treatment in a limited space without affecting sensitive equipment, and improves productivity by reducing equipment downtime.
  • ESE SPONGE MEDIA is discharged through MEDIA FEED UNIT.
    When an abrasive impact is applied to the surface of the object, the span becomes flat, the abrasive is exposed, and the abrasive impacts the object to form a profile. Sponge will adsorb the dust/contaminants/dust on the surface generated at this time.
    When the SPONGE recoils from the surface, it expands back to its original size, and air is quickly sucked into the SPONGE, and in this process, it maintains the state of adsorbing the surrounding dust particles. The dust adsorbed on the SPONGE is separated in the process of passing the ESE SPONGE MEDIA through the recycler, and the ESE SPONGE MEDIA returns to a reusable state.
  • ESE SPONGE is reusable and minimizes waste generated during blasting.
  • Unlike conventional abrasives that are repelled with considerable energy, ESE SPONGE loses energy when it is rebounded after contact with an object, so there is no rework due to over blast and it ensures worker safety.